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Elite’s in-house technology always moves at the speed of technological advancement. We have deployed an in-house platform by the renowned software providers EA Soft.



Risk Management

Risk Management is widely viewed as the cornerstone of every company’s capital structure nowadays. A poorly constructed program may leave your organization susceptible to major long-term setbacks, insolvency and bankruptcy.


Contractor All Risk

+Contractor All Risk

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Contractor Plant & machinery

+Contractor Plant & machinery

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Fidelity Guarantee

+Fidelity Guarantee

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Motor Comprehensive

+Motor Comprehensive

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Electronic Equipment

+Electronic Equipment

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Small group Medical

+Small group Medical

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Erection All Risk

+Erection All Risk

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About Us

After its Saudi-based incorporation in 2008, Elite Insurance Brokers has vowed to safeguard clients from daily risk exposure.

We are locally and regionally recognized as one of the leading insurance service providers. We face our clients’ fears through reliable and tailor-made insurance plans, covering people from the individual to the family level and from a small business to a whole enterprise.

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