Elite at a glance

After its Saudi-based incorporation in 2008, Elite Insurance Brokers has vowed to safeguard clients from daily risk exposure. We are locally and regionally recognized as one of the leading insurance service providers. We face our clients’ fears through reliable and tailor-made insurance plans, covering people from the individual to the family level and from a small business to a whole enterprise.

What we do

We carefully study the market to understand the refinancing and capital management plans of big insurance companies, and based on acquired risk expertise, we ally with the industry’s finest names to provide excellent risk cover plans to our customers. Elite is led and staffed by insurance executives and professionals who have the knowhow to address clients’ concerns with underwriting excellence and a proven track record of effective risk management and reliable insurance services. As a proud member of SAMA the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Elites ensures that its staff and processes are transparent and compliant with the Kingdom’s laws and regulations.


As part of our long term strategy, we aim to keep our personnel updated with continuous regional and international training and development programs. With increased skills and knowhow acquired, Elite will expand beyond the region and cater to global customer needs. The company strives to increase its competitive edge by constantly analyzing the market and changes that overcome it. At Elite, we like change, and we like to mitigate the outcomes that come with change, that is why we provide excellent tailor-made insurance plans for clients.

Values: To Serve You Better

Ethics and Transparency

What our company provides is as important as how it provides it, therefore the framework of Elite’s business performance is made up of clear and documented processes of obtaining deliverables based on transparency and the Ethics Code of Conduct.

Human Capital

Our staff represents who we are, which is why our recruitment process is stringent and meticulous. We test and employ the best insurance brokers and skilled professionals and keep enhancing their expertise and customer drive through ongoing training programs.

Commitment to Excellence

We build on our heritage and accomplishments to expand our business acumen and performance because we expect more from ourselves than our clients do.

Technology Enhancement

Elite keeps up with the latest technology and online platforms for excellent internal and external performance mechanisms

People: Our foundation

Our people are the foundation on which our business rests - Elite ensures that it equips its departments with determined and dedicated individuals to guarantee client satisfaction and value for its shareholders.

We emphasize on cultivating and sustaining a Saudi national workforce and environment that makes up 80 percent of our human capital. Seeing as most of our clients are Saudi-based, we seek to meet their unique needs with people who know and understand the community in which we operate. However, as part of our planned business expansion, we try to maintain a balanced work environment and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to work and develop with us and add value to our business.
We invest in our employees since day one and make sure their interests are aligned with the company’s overall objectives and customer needs. We enroll our staff on to a Learning and Development Program which ensures they are constantly up-to-date in the insurance, finance, IT, Human Resources, and Management fields. Our goal to maximize employee potential complies with the accreditation requirements of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and is in accordance with The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Life Office Management Association (LOMA).


Board Of Directors:

Our Executives average 20 years of experience in the Insurance Industry.

Members of the Board of Directors back Elite’s lead with commitment and constant guidance.

Mr.Tariq Al-Fayez    -   FOUNDER -

Chairman of the general committee of the insurance brokers for two consecutive terms. Best CEO in the Middle East's Insurance Industry award 2012.

2015 - Goodwill Ambassador for Peace - Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union.
           - Re-elected as the Chairman of the General Committee of Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers at the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

2013 - Ranked as one of the 500 most effective Arabs in the Arab World - Arabian Business.

2012 - First Chairman of the General Committee of Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers at the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

2011 - Best Vision Award Winner.