We appreciate you entrusting us to help protect you against life's risks and misfortunes. From the moment you sign the forms, we make a vow to catch you when you fall. That is partly why it is important for us that you get in touch to express your requests, concerns, or even complaints to an unintentional error or a misunderstanding. We want to prevent that fall from all aspects and that is why we dedicate a Client Support team to answer your queries 24/7.

When our Client Support team receives your request, they investigate your feedback and get on a mission of constant follow-up to resolve the issue at hand. A Client Support representative will be in touch with you shortly after you submit your query to inform you of the steps that will be taken to resolve your inquiry. He/she will be in regular contact with you to inform you of the status of your demand at every step of the way.

Elite has trained and equipped its Client Support team with the appropriate tools, techniques and premium management information systems to deal with any query in accordance with the fundamental laws and regulations, as well as quality standards that Elite is distinguished for.

If you would like to comment on any of our products or services, report a mishap, or give positive feedback, our Client Support team is here for you.



To make the process more efficient and allow us to address your request faster, please ensure you have the following details handy:

  • Steps that led to the issue reported
  • Policy number
  • Your preferred means for us to contact you
  • Phone number or email address
  • Any additional information to help speed up the process
  • Reference Number if you have a pending issue and name of representative who contacted you

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